Honey Butter Funeral Flower Wreath

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Size S 35cm

I know wholly what you're thinking - Honey Butter...Chicken? Well, I can't say you're wrong. The tangy scent of finely chopped scallions, hot sputtering olive oil and the oh-so-sweet crisp exterior of fried honey butter chicken. Immersed in a deluge of buttermilk and drenched in honey, honey butter chicken represents nothing but the finer things in life - how else to honour a loved one than to celebrate their favourite food? And I think honey butter chicken is a high favourite on the list of everybody. Honey-orange tiger lily, fresh spurts of baby blue gypsy, buttermilk white flowers and buttery yellow roses. All pinned in a stunningly effervescent, crunchy honied flower wreath. 

What more to honour a loved one than the colours of their favourite food? 

Small: 35cm. We might say, half your arm's length! 

Medium: 50-55cm. That's two books next to each other, lengthwise!

Large: 60-65cm. That's two fully-grown fairy penguins stacked atop each other! Or, three and a half books measured length-wise!

Extra Large: 80-85cm.

Specific flower varieties may differ based on seasonal availability. We try our best to match what you see and only substitute with a similar colour, shape. We always ensure we send something similar and just as pretty! Stem count, packaging and container may vary. 

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