Mum & Mother's Day Flowers

Mums deserve the best — that's why Melissa's Florist curated a collection of the best flowers for Mother's Day. A morning breakfast posy, local lilies in her vase, or a bespoke floral bouquet, topped off with a 'love you, Mum'. Flowers — the perfect way to say "Happy Mother's Day!". If you can't be with your mum, sending her beautiful blooms is the next best gift.

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Breathe Easier

We source our beautiful blooms directly from sustainable Australian flower growers.

Buds that Bloom

Our flowers stay in their buds, waiting to unfurl their curled petals and bloom with you, day by day.

Delivery Date Guarantee

Guaranteed flowers on your delivery date, or your money back, so you can rest easy.

Mother's Day Flowers Same Day Delivery

Enjoy same-day flower delivery on Mother's Day. Our Mother's Day flowers delivery lets you surprise the Best Mum In The World with the blossoms she deserves, a personal message and a sweet treat - all carefully hand-delivered to your loved one in pristine condition. From mum disbud flowers to delicate floral vase arrangements, our florists handcraft each bouquet with expertise and case. At Melissa’s Florist & Gifts, we are sure to have something just right for you. Make Mum's day perfect, today!

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At Melissa's Florist, we are proud to source our premium quality blooms direct-to-order and direct from our network of Australian farmers, eliminating flower waste. Delight your loved ones with stunning peach blooms, guilt-free. We source our flowers direct from vetted and award-winning farmers who study tried and tested horticulture practices to nurture the loveliest mother’s day flowers. Shop now and get Mother’s Day flowers delivered in pristine condition to the Best Mum In the World!

Order Mother's Day Flowers Now!

When is Mother's Day?

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. In 2024, Mother’s Day rests on Sunday, May 12. While Valentine’s Day rests on the same date each year, February 14, the date of Mother’s Day changes each year to stay on Sunday. Last year, Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 14. To help you out, here are the next years' Mother's Day dates in Australia.

Mother's Day 2024 - 12 May

Mother's Day 2025 - 11 May

Mother's Day 2026 - 10 May

Mother's Day 2027 - 9 May

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day? 

Mother’s Day is an annual holiday created in honour of all mothers. Celebrated around the world, Mother’s Day is reserved to honour the sacrifices that all mothers make for their children. 

Who created Mother’s Day? What is the true meaning of Mother’s Day?

The official Mother’s Day we know and love originated in 1907, when Anna Jarvis organised a memorial service at a parish in Grafton, West Virginia to commemorate her mother, and her life’s work, which involved organising women’s groups to foster friendship and wellbeing. The trend caught on quickly in surrounding American states, and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the Sunday a national holiday. While Mother’s Day is not a national holiday in Australia, since the day falls on Sunday, typically reserved for worship, and on the weekend, most families get to celebrate together. 

Initially, Jarvis promoted the bearing of a white carnation, however, the tradition quickly expanded into bearing a red or pink carnation in representation of one’s living mother figure or a white carnation in loving memory of a mother who had passed away. In spite of her status as the lauded creator of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis decisively turned against Mother’s Day in the last years of her life in protest against the increasing commercialisation of Mother’s Day, once a religious and intimate holiday. 

We can look back to Jarvis’ first years of lobbying as inspiration for true Mother’s Day spirit. Despite having no children of her own, Jarvis passionately campaigned for the honour and recognition all mothers deserve. We hope that in 2024, as families come together and celebrate Mother’s Day, that everyone continues to remember and embody the true values of Mother’s Day that Anna Jarvis fought for so hardly, and in doing so continue her legacy. Mother’s Day is a day to cherish and thank all the mums, grandmothers and aunts in our lives. May the love that Mother’s Day spreads never fade! 

What are the most suitable flowers for Mother's Day?

It depends on what your mum likes. Or maybe even what you like! Some mums love anything you get them and some mums take a bit more effort to please - and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s the thought that counts. Luckily, we’re here to help find the best flowers for mum for you. Traditionally, the symbol of Mother’s Day is the red or pink carnation, which hails from the creation of Mother’s Day in 1908. Short for chrysanthemum, the eponymous “Mum” is a flamboyant and vibrant flower, boasting almost unlimited colours and extensive types. Spray chrysanthemums bloom in grouped blossoms per stem, whereas the more striking and avant-garde single chrysanthemum crop up as single large head blooms. Known as Cremone, Disbud, Spider or Fuji Mums, the chrysanthemum disbud is a sensational and outlandish blossom that’s both beautiful and long-lasting when cared for correctly. You can also never go wrong with pink, white or natives. A lovely pink rose bouquet, a bunch of fragrant pink lilies or an Australian natives box. Don't miss out! Flowers are among the best Mother's Day gifts. This Mother’s Day, send flowers that resonate with your mother’s lovely vibe and tastes to make her feel oh-so-special.

Why are flowers important on Mother’s Day?

1. Love

Flowers serve as a timeless symbol of love, appreciation and gratitude. Flowers tell sentiments that words sometimes can’t explain. Don’t forget to tell your mum how much you love her. This Mother’s Day, please don’t forget to let mum know that words will never be enough to describe how much she means to you. There is no force on Earth more powerful than a mother’s love. Make Mum proud and order your flowers bright and early in anticipation of May 12, when Mum receives a delightful surprise from your ever-so-thoughtful gesture. 

2. Tradition

The tradition of giving Mum flowers on Mother’s Day hails from as far back as the Middle Ages, on Mothering Sunday and Laetare Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent, but is more widely recognised as stemming from Anna Jarvis, who founded the beloved holiday in 1907. By sending flowers on Mother’s Day, you are joining a long-held and time-honoured legacy that celebrates motherhood, and honours the selfless love of all mothers. 

3. Beauty

Whether your mother loves flowers isn’t important on Mother’s Day. Everyone loves a beautiful bouquet every now and then. Our sun-seasonal, farm-fresh and hot-harvested blooms are sure to ignite joy and happiness in both the compassionate sender and the grateful recipient. Our lovely lead florist, Melissa, is a true artist in the art of floristry. 

4. Thoughtfulness

It’s tough to choose a suitable bunch of flowers sometimes, especially when its for someone special. Selecting and presenting flowers shows thoughtfulness and consideration because it demonstrates that you’ve taken the time and care to choose something special you think Mum will like. Flowers have a universal appeal. Everyone of all ages and backgrounds appreciates the beauty of a well-arranged and put-together bouquet. Whether you select a luxe orchid cutting or an elegant flower arrangement, Mum’s sure to appreciate your heartfelt sentiments no matter what.

Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

Delight your mum with an enamouring floral delight. Melissa’s Florist only sources sustainable and Australian-grown blooms, direct to order. We carefully hand pick, prune and condition only the finest flowers for your Mum’s special day. Create a glorious flower arrangement with usb selecting from our curated range of grand and sumptuous hatboxes, or a finely resplendent box. Our large flower arrangements all come in our signature premium-finish boxing and lid. Surprise your mother today with beautiful blooms that last.

Mother's Day Forever Flowers

Spoil your mother with a fabulous floral arrangement that she can treasure forever. Our forever flowers are everlasting and when cared for right, last beyond your wildest dreams. We have a curated collection of everlasting flowers that suit your preferences. The pastel pink and hot pink everlasting rose in a dome, also known as the rose that lasts a year, is a lovely choice. Alternatively, keep your gift sweet and traditional with a sentimental dried flowers vase arrangement that mum can cherish forever. Our forever flowers can be fragile, but don't need daily care like fresh flowers or plants.