Lucky Dip Flower Jar + Chocolates!

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The sour yet sugary twang of a hot cup of honey lemon tea. A warm hug from Mum after a long day. A playful handshake with the cavoodle's adorable little squishy paw and a boop of her adorable widdle nose. Rain pounding against the window while nestling into a cosy armchair in fleecy socks with the heater on. All moments to savour - like the Lucky Dip Flower Jar + Chocolates! Bundle. 

Send this fantabulous snackable flower bundle to your loved one. Soon they'll come a-knocking and thank you for not only the gorgeous floral display in their home, but also for the delicious hazelnut pralines that come with! What's inside? x1 Flower Posy in a Jar RRP $69.00 x1 Chocolate Box RRP $20.00

Flowers in a jar. What's in the picture? Purple roses, purple filler and purple flowers (not representative of final product. Lucky Dip is a random selected fresh seasonal flowers jar) in a glass jar, tied with purple ribbon. A box of hazelnut pralines gift wrapped in pink gossamer and bow tied with a pink ribbon sits gently beside the flower jar.

I must warn you though! Lucky Dip means the item displayed in the picture may not be the exact replica you receive. The florist selects the freshest seasonal flowers of the week from local farms and home-growers. Expect the colours to lean towards a traditional pink and purple, however reds, oranges and yellows may crop up! That's the beauty of a lucky dip - half the exhilaration is in not knowing what you might get! Nonetheless, you will most certainly receive one Flower Posy in a Jar, and one box of hazelnut pralines. Toodle-loo, and happy flower shopping!

H: 33cm. 

Specific flower varieties may differ based on seasonal availability. We try our best to match what you see and only substitute with a similar colour, shape. We always ensure we send something similar and just as pretty! Stem count, packaging and container may vary. 

Pickup is available at 24 Centreway, Mount Waverley VIC 3149.

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*T&Cs may apply for certain delivery suburbs.