Melissa's Florist & Gifts 是您的葬礼鲜花专家,从白花葬礼花圈到红色心形花环和刻有字母的鲜花贡品、葬礼棺材喷雾到架子上的葬礼十字架。将您的葬礼鲜花交给我们专业的葬礼鲜花团队。我们负责流程的每个部分,从鲜花选择和修剪,到及时将鲜花运送到葬礼地点 - 无论是教堂、葬礼还是葬礼地点。我们相信传统的白色花朵和色彩斑斓的轻松融合 - 回忆您所爱的人最喜欢的颜色。这就是为什么我们的花环有各种鲜艳的颜色、花朵、形状和尺寸。

我们的慰问花优雅、纯洁、质朴、善良,就像您对悲伤的人的安慰。梅丽莎的花店和礼品店将陪伴您的每一步,引导您所爱的人进入上帝的关怀之手。让我们为您安排一切。我们致力于葬礼鲜花艺术。相信我们能为您所爱的人创造壮观而美丽的葬礼鲜花。我们的配送团队随时待命,将鲜花送到您的手中。用甘美鲜花的辉煌纪念来庆祝您所爱之人的一生,真正纪念天堂中的亲人,传递善意的想法和祈祷 - 以及最后的信息:安息吧。

Breathe Easier

We source only sustainable and beautiful Australian-grown blooms. Our florists hand-pick and prune the freshest in-season flowers of the day. Sun-seasonal. Farm-fresh. Hot-harvested.

Open Floral Designer Art

Our funeral flowers are utterly extraordinary - like floral art. Our flowers bloom at the precipice of their ripe fresh beauty, sweetly unfurled in royal splendour and in honour of the deceased. Not flowers. Real art.

100% Funeral Flower Delivery Date & Time Guarantee

We 100% guarantee your funeral flowers arrive at the correct funeral service at the correct time and are sent to the right family on the right date.

Funeral Flowers Next Day Delivery

Enjoy next-day flower delivery on funeral blooms. Our 100% Delivery Date and Delivery Time guarantee lets you send a respectful and kind funeral wreath with peace of mind. Adorned with a wreath sash and custom message, your wreath is an intimate and unique art form created in honour of the deceased.

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Farm-Fresh Funeral Flowers

At Melissa's Florist, we know how important every bloom is at the funeral, from sapphire-blue irises to pearl-white roses. That's why each flower on your funeral wreath has been carefully cleaned and conditioned to open in full bloom on the day of your funeral. After the funeral, your flowers continue to bloom and prosper. Shine light on a dark time for those in grief with a remembrance wreath that acknowledges their tragic loss. Rife with competent expertise, our meticulous preparations allow us to make your funeral flowers right before the funeral, ensuring your flowers bloom in their prime glory.

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Why choose Melissa’s Florist as your funeral florist? Why send funeral flowers with Melissa’s Florist? 

Welcome to Melissa’s Florist - your end-to-end solutions expert in funeral flowers. 

We take care of everything related to your funeral flowers. That means we take care of your sympathy messages, wreath sash ribbons, on-time next-day funeral flowers delivery, display set-up and pack-up. All you have to do is be kind to yourself and give yourself time to mourn. 


As a full-service funeral florist, Melissa’s Florist provides comprehensive and caring support for funeral flowers, from creating your funeral flower arrangements to next-day funeral flowers delivery. Demonstrating compassion in all interactions, our experienced and professional florists understand the profound emotional aspects of this entire process and are ready to listen and assist you every step of the way. With close attention to detail, our dedicated staff want to make things easier for you and promptly accomodate preferences like allergies, colours and cultural and religious considerations. At the funeral chapel, our set-up team enable the speedy, efficient and seamless integration of your funeral flowers at the funeral site, ensuring your experience is hassle-free during this difficult time. Enjoy reliable and timely next-day delivery if you order before 5 PM, with a 100% delivery date and delivery time guarantee. 

Made with love, our signature funeral flower tributes and designs weave your tender and kind thoughts into each bloom and blossom. Unique and exquisite, every funeral wreath at Melissa’s Florist is different, proffering Australia’s best range of variety and design. Made in honour of your dearest, we believe funeral flowers have the power to cleanse and soothe the hearts of the grieving. Funeral flowers provide catharsis and emotional release, purifying the soul of heartache. Farewell your loved one with the flowers they would have loved. Celebrate your cherished memories with the flowers that meant the most to them. 

Honouring lives since 2019, Melissa’s Florist is committed to offering a caring and complete service for funeral flowers, making the process as stress-free as possible for grieving families. Let us pave their path with petals and love today. 

Melissa’s Florist. Making flowers in memory of your loved one. 

Are there specific or common funeral flowers?

If you’re sending funeral flowers in Melbourne, Victoria, you’ve come to the right place. Sending funeral flowers to a grieving family or deciding on the funeral flowers for the loss of a loved one can be an incredibly heavy responsibility. In light of the urgent and sensitive nature of funerals, we provide next day delivery on all funeral flowers in order to give you peace of mind. 

Named as the mourning flower, white flowers, are the most popular flower choice for funeral flowers, elegant and pearl-like. Evoking purity and peace, white blossoms are the perfect bereavement flowers to send during times of mourning and provide a humble and pious tribute to the deceased. 

Recognised internationally as the traditional funeral flower, white lilies symbolise purity and sympathy. Considered as the paragon of the soul’s restored innocence at death, the Christian belief believes white lilies dappled Virgin Mary’s burial tomb in Jerusalem. 

Sympathy flowers are plentiful and varied. Steeped in honour and tradition, our funeral wreaths blend monochromatic colour palettes with the traditional white flower as a foundation.

  • White roses, which symbolise love and purity
  • White hydrangeas, which represent loyal friendship and unconditional devotion
  • White chrysanthemums, which limn sympathy. The traditional funeral flower for many Asian countries, like China, Korea and Japan.
  • White orchids, which symbolise gratitude and enlightenment
  • White peace lilies, which persist as an enduring symbol of peace and tranquility, prosperity and the peaceful and blissful resting of the passed after death.
  • White carnations, which pair beautifully with all funeral flowers and last for long, as do white carnations.

When did funeral wreaths originate?

Originating from the time of Ancient Greece, funeral wreaths propogate the circle of eternal life. Replete with lush greenery, the evergreen foliage on funeral wreaths stem from early Christian funeral rites that honoured religious martyrs and symbolise the eternal spirit following death. Steeped in the Victorian age, funeral flowers evolved into an elaborate design of white flowers, reminiscent of traditional mourning colours. 

You might see funeral flower wreaths laid as tributes at war memorials in Australia on Anzac Day and Remembrace Day. Adorned with a lest we forget sash, these funeral wreaths commemorate the bravery of the soldiers who lost their lives at war. 

Funeral Flowers Frequently Asked Questions

A premier and beloved florist, Melissa’s Florist is your go-to funeral florist. We specialise in a massive range of wreaths and casket sprays, from heart-shaped wreaths to traditional asian round floral tributes. We take care of everything related to your funeral flowers. That means we take care of your sympathy messages, wreath sash ribbons, on-time next-day funeral flowers delivery, display set-up and pack-up. All you have to do is be kind to yourself and give yourself time to mourn. Enjoy reliable and timely next-day delivery if you order before 5 PM, with a 100% delivery date and delivery time guarantee to give you peace of mind.

At Melissa’s Florist, we specialise in all funeral flowers from funeral wreaths, funeral casket sprays, funeral heart wreaths to standing funeral flower sprays and cremation urn floral arrangements. If there are funeral flowers you cannot see but would like to purchase, please contact us and we will curate your dream funeral arrangements with your vision and a touch of our flower magic.

Certainly! We specialise in funeral wreaths. At Melissa’s Florist, we strive to excel in flower quality and artistic design for every single wreath we arrange. Whether you send a single pure white wreath or an array of colourful funeral hearts, Melissa’s Florist is your go-to funeral florist for all your funeral flower demands.

Yes! We’re fully trained and hands-on in handling orders from five wreaths to thirty wreaths, whatever the time frame. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for funeral flower packages or multiple funeral flower orders. We can take on your bulk order with a minimum two days notice, depending on how many wreaths you require. 

For next-day funeral flowers delivery, make an order before 5 PM EST today. Orders received after 5 PM will be delivered the day after tomorrow. If you are ordering multiple wreaths or orders over 5, order as early as possible to secure your order or contact us. Orders placed too late or urgently may incur extra costs or be rejected. We strive to complete each and every funeral order, but that means we expect you to provide suitable and appropriate notice so we can plan and prepare your funeral flowers. 

Absolutely! We take care of specific delivery times for funerals. We guarantee your funeral flowers arrives at the provided address and before the funeral service start. Make sure the funeral room and funeral time is right. Always contact us if you are feeling unsure. 

Once your funeral flowers have been delivered, you will receive an ‘Order # [order number] delivered’ email. For phone confirmation, you can request that in the note section at checkout or call us at anytime. We are here to help! Track the status of your order with our tracking emails or our live chat. If funeral flower set up gets super busy, we might not send a flowers delivered email until later that day, but always feel free to call and double check if you’re worried! 

We deliver in Melbourne only. We provide 100% free delivery to select suburbs. To find out if we deliver to your suburb, enter your address at checkout or contact us. If your funeral address won’t go through at checkout, please contact us and we will see if we deliver to your funeral chapel, and accordingly help you place an order and arrange delivery.

Yes, we can deliver your funeral wreath on public holidays as long as the funeral service is open and accepting funeral flowers on that weekend or public holiday. Always here for you!

100%. On the product page, write your sympathy message. We hand-write your sympathy message on a high-quality card, embellished with a beautiful bereavement design. You can also choose a premium Australian-design card in order to write a longer message. We understand that your message to the grieving is just as important as your flowers, so we ensure your message is carried over word for word. A gentle reminder to jot down the sender’s name if you want the recipient to know who sent the funeral wreaths. 

On the product page, there is a section asking you for two short sentences to go on two ribbons. This is because funeral flowers are often adorned with a special funeral wreath ribbon, called a wreath sash. The wreath sash depicts a gentle message honouring the deceased, like in loving memory of [deceased], from [sender]. This is optional, so you can leave it blank if you would prefer to leave the funeral flowers in their full beauty, not tucked behind a funeral ribbon. Otherwise, a funeral ribbon message makes a lovely touch to a funeral wreath, providing words of comfort to the grieving family and displaying an intimate and respectful message to the departed.