Valentine's Day Flowers

Ruby red roses in a stunning bouquet gilded with silver and gold, lusciously wrapped in crème gosammer and pearly satin ribbon, and paired with a decadent box of milk chocolates and love heart teddy bear— the perfect way to say "I love you". A timeless tradition, sending Valentine's Day flowers prevails as an enduring statement of your love and affection. Make her feel cherished and loved with the romantic red rose bouquet of her dreams. Celebrate holy matrimony, reignite a beloved flame, or confess your newfound affection.

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Breathe Easier

We source an equitable balance of beautiful Australian-grown roses and only the most sustainably-grown Ecuadorian roses.

Buds that Bloom

Our flowers stay in their buds, waiting to unfurl their curled petals and bloom before you, day-by-day. Flowers that last longer. Stay fresher. Bloom brighter.

100% Guaranteed Delivery Date

What we guarantee is that your flowers will 100% arrive on your delivery date, lookin' fresh and colourful. Fresh flowers from our store ‘till your door!

Valentine's Day Flowers Same Day Delivery

Enjoy same-day flower delivery on Valentine’s Day. Our Valentine’s Day flowers delivery lets you send your Valentine a romantic red rose bouquet, a personal and sweet message and extra Valentine’s gifts - all carefully hand-delivered to your loved one in pristine condition. From classic red roses to delicate flower pieces, our florists handcraft each bouquet with expertise and precision. At Melissa’s Florist & Gifts, we are sure to have something just right for you. Sweep your beloved off her feet today!

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Premium Red Roses

At Melissa's Florist, we are proud to source the most premium quality roses in Australia, with stunning long stems and ruby red petals. We source our flowers from vetted and leading farmers who implement tried and tested agricultural practices to nurture the loveliest roses. Shop now and get Valentine's Day red roses delivered in pristine condition to your sweet Valentine!

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Valentine's Day Flowers Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we definitely deliver to select suburbs on Valentine’s Day. We recommend pre-ordering in order to secure your bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day. Make sure to order before our Valentine’s Day cut-off time. 

Certainly! Our single rose comes in a premium finish pure-white box, tied in satin ribbon. Whether its a single rose or a rose bouquet, each Valentine’s Day flower arrangement will convey your heartfelt love and affection. 

Unfortunately, probably not. We get busy on Valentine’s Day and we can’t guarantee requests for specific delivery times, but we will try our best. We recommend contacting us before placing your Valentine’s Day order and we will let you know if the delivery time is possible. 

On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, we only guarantee delivery on the selected date and we cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time.

We deliver from anytime between 8am to 8pm on Valentine’s Day, but we strive to get most orders completed as early as possible. If you want to confirm the delivery status, please contact us. Rest assured that your Valentine’s Day flowers will be delivered on the day you chose no matter what. 

Yes, you can send your flowers under the pseudonym anonymous instead of your real name. We know a mysterious romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day goes a long way - so we’re here to help make your Valentine’s Day special.  

Yes, we 100% guarantee delivery on Valentine’s Day or your selected delivery date on your order! Provided that there are no delivery issues, like incorrect delivery address or the place is closed, your order will definitely be delivered on Valentine’s Day. To check your delivery date, review your ‘Order # [order number] confirmed’ email or ask our live chat or call us. 

Feel free to inform us in the notes section about special customisation requests or if you have a bespoke custom Valentine’s Day flowers idea, simply contact us and our friendly florists can assist you. We’re with you every step of the way on making this Valentine’s Day sublime. 

Our cut-off time is 9 PM the day before Valentine’s Day. That means you can order anytime up to 9 PM the day before Valentine’s Day. We recommend pre-ordering the day before Valentine’s Day so what you're after is not sold out. Any orders placed after 9 PM the day before Valentine’s Day. will not be delivered. 

Once your Valentine’s Day flowers have been delivered, you will receive an ‘Order # [order number] delivered’ email. For phone confirmation, you can request that in the note section at checkout or call us at anytime. We are here to help! Track the status of your order with our tracking emails or our live chat. Valentine’s Day gets super busy, so we might not send a flowers delivered email immediately, but always feel free to call and double check if you’re worried! 

Yes, you can pick up Valentine’s Day orders from our store. Select Valentine’s Day as the delivery date and specify a pick up time. Then select pick up at checkout. Don’t worry about the estimitaed pick up time provided to you. Remember to come and collect your Valentine’s Day flowers!

100%. On the product page, write your message. We hand-write or print your message on a high-quality card, embellished with a flattering Valentine's Day design for your occasion. You can also choose a premium Australian-design card in order to write a longer message and wow her with an extra special and personal touch. We understand that your Valentine's Day message is just as important as your flowers, so we ensure your message is carried over word for word. A gentle reminder to jot down the sender’s name if you want the recipient to know who sent the flowers. 

100%. Browse our premium selection of luxurious hand-crafted and Australian or European branded goods in our Gifts collection. On the product page, you can select any add-ons, from candles, chocolate and wine to friendly teddy bears. Imagine how happy she will feel from your flowers - everything else will be a brownie point plus!

A premier and beloved florist, Melissa’s Florist creates gorgeous floral artistries from our florist’s hand-selected pick of farm-fresh, sun-seasonal and hot-harvested flowers. We use blooms in their buds, meaning our flowers last for longer, stay fresh and you’ll get to see your flowers bloom day by day. We buy from and support local Australian flower farms, whose flowers are grown and bred in Victoria, meaning your flowers don’t fly in cramped containers for miles in the air.  Instead, they minimise flower wastage, reduce our carbon footprint and let’s nip it in the bud - look the prettiest, biggest and bestest! 

On Valentine’s Day, the most popular flower is the rose. Roses are very delicate, drink a lot of water and can wilt in the heat. But don’t fret, Melissa’s Florist & Gifts is here to ensure your Valentine’s Day roses stay fresh from our store ‘till your door! From the get-go, we select the freshest blooms from our flower cooler, which is set at just the right temperature to maintain the highest freshness in our flowers. Our delivery vehicles regulate the best cold temperature for your flowers, keeping your Valentine’s Day flowers fresh and bright. If we need to, we add a moist wet pack for the roses, ensuring they receive a steady supply of fresh drinking water on their way to your door. Once you receive your Valentine’s Day flowers, make sure to trim them and re-arrange them in a clean vase of water. If your Valentine’s Day flowers come in a box, please top up the flower arrangement with water once every two days. 

When is Valentine’s Day 2024?

Valentine’s Day is commemorated on Wednesday 14 February 2024. While Mother’s Day changes over the year because Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday, Valentine’s Day stays the same year after year - like love. Also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day is a timeless tradition held all around the world as a celebration of love. 

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday on which lovers express their affection to each other, traditionally with red roses. Enamoured in the Victorian era, courtiers have been exchanging red roses as a means to deliver a message to and court their love interest. Since then, Valentine’s Day and red roses have gone hand-in-hand, solidifying the red rose as the blazing emblem of romance. While a red rose remains the enduring symbol for true love, you might gift a friend a Galentine’s rose bouquet or a Palentine’s single rose. White roses convey purity and platonic love, while yellow roses convey sunny messages of friendship and pink roses hint at the blush of a soft crush or adoration. And let’s not forget the cutest Valentine’s celebration ever - mum’s giving their children a cute single rose. 

At Melissa’s Florist, we believe in celebrating all types of love on Valentine’s Day. Circle the date today! Ruby red roses and a box of chocolates - the perfect “i love you”.