Premium Elizabeth Bennet

$128.00 销售 节省

Our florist's pick of farm-fresh, hot-harvested, simple-seasonal flowers in a milky white, bluish lavender and flushed pink colour palette, beautifully displayed in a pearly white gold rim hatbox. Everything flowers is organic and varies by season! We ensure you receive the top pick of every flower batch, the freshest eggs of the dozen, the crop of the cream. As with all arrangements, the product might not look like the picture - the florist designs your creation in the displayed product's likeness. 

Milky white and violet flowers in a white hatbox gilded in gold. Soft pink and purple roses, creamy yellow buttercup, and green and white foliage. Tied with satin lavender. Premium. 

Like the lovely Elizabeth Bennet of Pride & Prejudice, the Elizabeth Bennet flower hatbox tempers the realm with a prideful countenance of elegance in any home. The older sister of Elizabeth Bennet, this hatbox serves up a more mature elegance for a loved one who enjoys flowers. Perfect for any occasion, but best used on a table that shows off all sides of this round all-facing centre-piece flower arrangement. 

Two sides of a coin, one is dark and the other bright - comprising the whirlwind that was: Elizabeth Bennet.


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