Premium Sweet Dreams Bouquet + Vase!

$128.00 销售 节省

The mystical, fluttering wings of a faerie. Glittery periwinkle fairy dust glimmering and shimmering in the dusk. Bobbing, glowing fireflies emanating a bright light and winking into the night. All moments of childlike curiosity - just like our Premium Sweet Dreams Bouquet + Vase!

In this royal arrangement, we have stunning heather mauve football mums (disbud chrysanthemums), pink oriental lilies, pale eucalyptus baby bell, salmon pink roses, lavender stock and delphinium with a fade-in lilac gradient and imperial plum-purple phalaenopsis orchid, effortlessly arranged in a tall glass vase, tied in satin pink, and adorned in all her regalia. 

Present this magnificent bouquet to your dearest beloved on an especially special day - be it wedding anniversary flowers, a breathtaking romantic flowers gesture, or just a classic sweep-her-off-her-feet flowers moment. 

At Melissa's Florist & Gifts, we put our flowers first. We only use the best - farm-fresh and seasonal flowers from our top picks. Enjoy fresh, fragrant and fabulous flowers that'll dazzle the night away - and very well knock your socks off! Craving something fancy? The Premium Sweet Dreams Bouquet + Vase quenches your yearning for a flawless centrepiece in your home. An arrangement fit for a royal!

50-55cm. That's almost equal to the length of your pillow!


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