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How to Give Flowers: A Thoughtful Guide by Melissa's Florist and Gifts

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Flowers have the magical ability to convey emotions, brighten moods, and create lasting memories. At Melissa's Florist and Gifts, your trusted Monash florist serving Mount Waverley and Pinewood, we understand the art of gifting flowers goes beyond the blooms themselves. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of giving flowers, whether it's to your girlfriend, a friend, or anyone special in your life. Remember, while flowers may not be everlasting, they do provide everlasting joy!

Step 1: Reflect on Their Preferences

Before you select a bouquet, take a moment to think about the recipient's preferences. What's their favourite colour? Are they drawn to vibrant blooms or delicate pastels? Reflecting on these details will guide you towards a bouquet that resonates with their taste.

Step 2: Choose the Perfect Bouquet

Selecting the right flowers is key. Consider the recipient's preferences, favourite colours, and the occasion – is it a birthday, anniversary, or a simple "thinking of you" moment? At Melissa's Florist and Gifts, our premium Mount Waverley flowers collection ensures you'll find an array of stunning options to suit any taste.

Step 3: Craft a Personal Note

Add a personal touch to your gift with a handwritten note. Share a memory, express your feelings, or simply let them know they're in your thoughts. Your words will make the gesture even more memorable and heartfelt. At Melissa's Florist and Gifts, we have plant pops, teddy bear on-a-stick, premium birthday cards, and also free mini cards! 
Ted bear

Step 4: Presenting with Elegance

Presentation is key. Our Pinewood flowers and gifts are meticulously arranged to create a visually pleasing and stunning bouquet. A beautiful arrangement speaks volumes about the care and thought you've put into your gift. When presenting the bouquet, hold it with care and present it with a warm smile. The act of giving is as meaningful as the flowers themselves.

Step 5: Timing is Everything

Choose a moment when your recipient can fully appreciate the gesture. It could be during a special occasion, a surprise visit, or simply to brighten their day unexpectedly. Timing adds a touch of magic to your gift.

Step 6: Celebrate Their Joy

As you hand over the bouquet, observe the recipient's reaction. Their joy and appreciation are a testament to the power of your gesture. Witnessing their smile is a reward in itself.

Celebrate joy with this stunning flower bouquet

Giving Flowers to Your Girlfriend

When giving flowers to your girlfriend, consider her preferences. If she loves surprises, have the bouquet delivered to her. Choose romantic blooms like roses or peonies. Attach a romantic note, and for an extra touch, plan a simple date to accompany the flowers, creating a memorable experience.

Giving Flowers as a Gift

When giving flowers as a gift, tailor your choice to the occasion. For birthdays, choose vibrant and joyful blooms. For sympathy, opt for serene and comforting flowers. Our wide selection of flowers ensures you'll find the perfect arrangement to convey your message.

Quick tips:

  • Think about their favourite colour. What colours do they like?
  • Reflect on a shared memory that the bouquet might evoke.
  • Consider the emotions you want to convey through the flowers.
a beautiful flower bouquet


At Melissa's Florist and Gifts, we believe that giving flowers is an art that transcends words. It's a heartfelt way to express your emotions and brighten someone's day. With our premium flowers, carefully curated arrangements, and dedication to excellence, your gesture becomes even more special. Follow this simple guide to give flowers that convey your sentiments with grace and beauty.

Visit Melissa's Florist and Gifts to explore our exquisite collection and choose the perfect bouquet to make your gesture truly unforgettable.

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