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Embrace Spring's Beauty: Discover the Top 8 Spring Flowers

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As the crisp air turns warmer and nature awakens from its slumber, spring brings forth a tapestry of vibrant colours and delicate fragrances.

At Melissa's Florist and Gifts, your go-to florist in Mount Waverley, Melbourne, we're thrilled to unveil the 8 most beloved flowers of the season.

Each bloom embodies the essence of spring's renewal, and they're all available at Melissa's Florist and Gifts. Let's dive into this exquisite collection!

1. Daffodils

Bright and cheerful, daffodils symbolise new beginnings. Their sunny yellow hue is a promise of the warm days ahead. Browse our Daffodil Delight bouquet to bring instant joy.

2. Tulips

Elegant and timeless, tulips come in an array of colours. From vibrant reds to soft pinks, these blooms captivate hearts effortlessly. Explore our Tulip Treasures for a dash of spring's magic.

Tulips Bouquet

3. Hyacinths

With their enchanting fragrance, hyacinths are a true delight. Our Fragrant Hyacinth bunch promises a burst of scent and colour to brighten any space.

4. Ranunculus

Known for their paper-thin petals and vibrant shades, ranunculus blooms exude charm. Discover our Ranunculus Radiance arrangement to experience their beauty.

5. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms paint spring scenes with delicate pink hues. They're nature's way of reminding us of life's fleeting beauty. Our Cherry Blossom inspired bouquet captures this essence.

6. Peonies

Luxurious and romantic, peonies are a timeless favourite. Our Peony Passion arrangement lets you indulge in their lush petals and sweet fragrance.

7. Sweet Peas

Delicate and fragrant, sweet peas symbolise blissful pleasures. Experience their gentle charm with our Sweet Pea Bouquet, a perfect gesture of affection.

Sweet Pea Bouquet

8. Freesias

Freesias boast a captivating scent that fills the air with their unique fragrance. Our Freesia Fantasy bouquet is a sweet way to celebrate spring's arrival.


At Melissa's Florist and Gifts, we're delighted to present the 8 most popular spring flowers that embody the beauty of the season. Each bloom holds a story of renewal and joy, ready to be shared with your loved ones.

Visit Melissa's Florist and Gifts to explore our curated collection and bring the magic of spring into your home.

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